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Star: Ted Bennion

It’s an honor for me to be involved with DWTRVS. I have many wonderful memories of participating, including working with June Kranenburg and being the beneficiary of her tremendous skills in teaching dance. I miss her wonderful patience and instruction. I was also blessed to have Michelle Slaughter as my fantastic dance partner who brought energy and enthusiasm to every rehearsal and performance. I not only had the chance to help support the Sparrow cause, my extended family was a recipient of their kindness when my niece was chosen as the first Sparrow in the new Arizona chapter. She suffers from Cerebral Palsy and through the Sparrow Clubs’s work with a high school where she lives, their family was able to acquire a much-needed lift van for her transportation. Isn’t that awesome!!
I have been practicing orthodontics in the Rogue Valley for 24 years now and have enjoyed every day. It’s a pleasure to work with the middle school kids who rally around their Sparrow every year. I have also been a high school assistant basketball coach for the past 8 years. I raised my family of 4 daughters and 1 son here, with my incredibly inspiring and beautiful wife, Kristi. We now have 5 gorgeous grandchildren.
Thank you for your support of the Sparrow Clubs program!

Partner: Michelle Slaughter

I feel like another lifetime has gone by since I was part of this amazing show. Has it really been that long? Dancing has always been like entering another realm; so beautiful, calming, and exciting all-in-one. Being a part of this show combined what I love, along with helping children which were inspiring and exhilarating. There are so many great memories of dancing for this show. One of the best memories I have is working alongside my favorite person, June Kranenburg. We put together the most unique and amazing routines with each partner. Many memories of each partner, each routine, the music, each person I met along the way and each child we helped are what I hold close to my heart. Each dance routine had at least 3 versions of the song mixed together to create the most vibrant and unique routine to dance to. This included my partner that loved the Paso Doble, to my partner that wanted to dance in shorts to the Bugle Boy, to my partner that had energy and beyond enough to dance to Footloose. This also included my partner who danced To the Silvery Moon with me being Betty Boop. I can still close my eyes today and hear each and every song and see the dance routine in my mind. These routines we put together were not the only ballroom but a bit of a twist combining hip hop and other styles making dancing each year so very fun, inspirational, and uniquely individualized. Being a part of this organization that helps children was amazing and an honor. I am so lucky to have been a part of it. Since then…….I am wherever my 2 daughters Andria (15) and Julia (12) are. I support them in everything they do, from their education to cheering them on at every swim meet or sporting event they are involved in. I am committed to health and fitness and to inspire my daughters to be healthy and amazing young individuals.