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Star: Steve Miller

Steve was born and raised in Bend, Oregon. He was a redheaded, fair-skinned, freckle faced kid with tons of energy! He played every sport possible, but was required to work alongside his folks at a young age in the family business. Hard work and loyalty was instilled in him from day one. After graduating from high school, he was off chasing his childhood dream-to play college football! While attending Howard Payne University and playing collegiate football, in Texas, he met his wife.

With his beautiful bride, Steve moved back to Oregon, and planned to continue his education. Now broke, newly married and living in Eugene, he answered an ad to be a Car Salesman. He didn’t plan on selling cars for long, but he fell in love with it.

Now, 18 years later, Steve’s the General Manager and Partner at Airport Chevrolet. “There’s nothing better than being part of a family run dealership and helping the community in so many ways. I’m committed to Southern Oregon and Airport Chevrolet will continue to play a vital role. Customers are our #1 priority and without them, none of what we do would be possible.”

He has 3 beautiful daughters for which he gives his wife complete credit. Two are students at Cascade Christian and his 3-year-old thinks she could already take over the business.

Airport Chevrolet has been ‘Sparrow Strong’ for 17 years! Because of amazing customer support, there’s no end in sight!

Dance partner and bio coming soon!