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Star: Sage Taylor

Sage is the former owner of Wamba Juice and Deli, located in proximity to the downtown business district where she is always creating new artisan soups. Originally from San Bernardino, from an early age she was a water lover, even after an accidental drowning as a toddler. When she is not crafting new soups, you will find her rafting on her beloved Rogue River. Yes, and, um, she wears a life jacket… when necessary.

An ardent supporter of our military, Sage is very proud of her son, Carter, who served in the renowned Easy Company, 506th Infantry Regiment; and grateful that he is now back home safe and sound.

An avid recycler, she has been raising composting worms for years (using left over fruit pulp from her restaurant) at the Early Bird Worm Farm, which has rapidly expanded due to considerable community need for organic products.

Sage is glad for the opportunity to help raise money for Sparrow Clubs, which she finds near and dear to her heart, especially with her experiences with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is grateful for the generous support she has received from her dear family and friends, the true blessings in her life.

Partner / Instructor: John Ourant

John’s life passion is helping people with chronic health conditions. He owns Elemental Homeopathy and has been practicing in the Rogue Valley since 2005. Prior to that, John had a career as an electrical engineer and then as a computer programmer, working on Harry & David’s website. John is also the Scoutmaster for Ashland’s Boy Scout Troop 112. He is excited to help support Sparrow Clubs, an organization that makes a difference to families dealing with serious health problems while inspiring youth with the gift of service.

John met the love of his life, Cori, while dancing at the University of California, San Diego. John and Cori have two children; Calin is a freshman at Reed College, Alexander is at Ashland High. Ballroom dancing is a family affair, with wife Cori teaching and managing the Evergreen Ballroom owned by Bill and Marilee Grimm. John has DJ’d the 1st and 3rd Friday night parties at the Evergreen for over a decade. He has had a supporting role in DWTRVS in past years, but this will be John’s first year on the stage. He’s grateful that his partner, Sage, is up for jumping and skipping around the floor with him dancing a Quickstep.