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Star: Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy hails from Ingleside, Illinois where his parents still live. It was his mother that inspired his life-long love of dance. He fondly remembers being taken outside during rainstorms as a wee lad to dance with reckless abandon to the rhythms of nature. Mike and his five siblings still love to take over a dance floor whenever they get together.

Mike’s love of the great outdoors is what brought him to the Rogue Valley. As a Midwesterner by birth, the sight of mountains, redwoods and the ocean is still quite novel to him. Having recently lived in New York City and Atlanta, he’s thrilled to experience daily so many wide open spaces.

Mike is currently an anchor and reporter for NewsWatch 12. You can see him disseminating news nightly to the masses. Have a good story? Hit him up. He loves having the opportunity to watch out for everyone in the area. He loves the challenge DWTRVS has brought him and the chance to work first-hand with the Sparrow Clubs.

Partner / Instructor: Karen Knokey

Karen has been dancing for more than 20 years and loves all styles of dance and music. She and her husband, Donn, have been teaching West Coast Swing on Thursday nights at the Evergreen Ballroom for many years. They have been married for 46 years, but dating for 48 years. Dancing is a fantastic part of their life. They enjoy learning new moves to improve their dance, as well as passing on the new information to their students.

Donn and Karen have been part of many performance teams including: American Style Cha Cha and Rumba, Night Club Two-Step, Viennese Waltz and many others. They have participated in West Coast Swing and Night Club Two-Step competitions in Sacramento, San Francisco, Reno, Portland and Phoenix, Arizona. Currently, one of their favorite West Coast Swing Conventions, is right here in the Rogue Valley, put on by SO Swing!