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Star: Matt Philbrick

Matt Philbrick is a California native but has been living in Southern Oregon for over 11 years. Matt is a paramedic and currently works as the Medical Operations Manager of the non-profit Mercy Flights. Matt started his career as a paramedic over a decade ago with the desire to ‘help people in need’ and has continued that philosophy into his current position. He now, “takes care of the people that are taking care of our community” and finds great pleasure in helping responders have meaningful careers in Emergency Medical Services.

Matt was asked by a co-worker to participate in Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars and very quickly said “YES!”. Over the course of his career as both a Paramedic and Flight Paramedic, Matt’s life has been affected by Sparrows that he has met along the way. Although he describes himself as a ‘pretty good’ dancer, he is excited to take his skills to the next level for the competition.

Matt enjoys CrossFit at his favorite gym, DenFitness, and participating in endurance events such as marathons and ultramarathons. Matt is married to the love of his life Michelle, and they have two great children ages five and three. Their family enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing. At least five nights a week, they have a ‘family dance party’.

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Partner: Colette Kuhl

Colette fell in love with ballroom dancing when she got her first taste at her fifteenth birthday and has been on the floor ever since. Having lived in the Rogue Valley her whole life, she is so excited for this opportunity to support local youth through Sparrow Clubs and encourages every student to serve their community through this amazing organization.

Three years ago, Colette was invited to become a ballroom dance instructor teaching beginner and intermediate lessons at the vergreen Ballroom and North Medford High School, as well as coordinating a youth performance group, monthly dance parties and homeschool formals. She has also competed and placed in two intermediate youth ballroom competitions and performed in several showcases.
In addition to dancing, Colette enjoys music, horse riding, and playing anything from basketball to couch-wars with family and friends. Colette would like to thank her amazing partner for being such an enthusiastic learner (despite her unrelenting partiality towards difficult moves), Marilee Grimm for her invaluable instruction on styling and technique (at all hours of the day), her family for their love and support throughout her life, and Cori Grimm for being such a wonderful role model and providing her the opportunity to share her love of dance with others through teaching.

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