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Star: Lauren Trantham

Lauren Trantham spends most of her time riding motorcycles and taking photos. As ‘The Women’s Photographer’ it is her mission to show women just how beautiful they are. Lauren started her photography business four years ago when she moved to the Rogue Valley. She also teaches an online course called Authentic Social Media.

Lauren has a heart for charity and last year completed a 10,000-mile solo motorcycle journey around America, raising $55,000 for survivors of sex trafficking. On her Ride My Road, project she also had the honor of photographing 36 resilient survivors. Lauren attributes the success of the project to the support from the Rogue Valley community.

She is excited to join with Sparrow Clubs and give back to the community that has welcomed and supported her. Lauren lost a dear friend to brain cancer in the 5th grade and wishes that Sparrow Clubs had been around at that time. She is so moved by the work that is now being done to help children in need. Lauren believes that sparking compassion among young people and showing them that they can indeed make a difference is the best way to change culture and strengthen our communities.

Partner / Instructor: Payne! Smith

Payne! Smith was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. After moving to Southern Oregon to pursue a Theatre Degree at SOU, Payne! realized that Ashland is an actor’s dream and decided to stay a bit longer. He has done several shows in Medford, Talent and Ashland over the last few years. Most recently, Payne! has been seen in Camelot Theatre’s “Ghost: the Musical,” Randall Theatre’s “White Christmas,” and in The Oregon Cabaret Theatre’s “The Drowsy Chaperone.” Payne! has also choreographed many shows around the Valley, including “On the Town,” “Rent,” “Music Man,” and “White Christmas.”

Payne! started dancing six years ago because he thought it sounded fun. He did start with a bang: six classes a week until the school closed two weeks later. Since then, Payne! has been taking classes on and off again, usually during winter and spring terms at SOU. However, despite not focusing his performing life around dance, Payne! managed to gain experience in many different forms, such as ballet, belly dancing and tap. He enjoys dance and loves the beauty it brings to the art of theatre.