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Star: Ellie George & Brett Alleman

Ellie George moved from the Bay area to the rogue Valley when she was 15. At 19 she married Danny George, and stayed home with their kids Brie, Dallin, and Bryce until they were all in school, when Ellie decided to create a career!

As a child she would spend hours drawing floor plans and cutting out Sears Catalog people to match with the homes. Real Estate was the perfect fit for her. She has sold over 1,000 homes in the valley, and still is passionate about her craft. In 2012, she opened Home Quest Realty. Her goal was to create a place living up to the motto: “Surround yourself with those you love, respect and laugh with.” This she does with the agents she works with and the clients she serves.

Ellie’s daughter introduced her to Sparrow Clubs and she has sponsored Crater High’s Sparrows for 4 years. It is important to Ellie to not only help children in need, but also to help kids learn to think of others and be grateful for their own lives.

After 4 years of declining to participate in DWTRVS, Ellie looks forward to sharing the Argentine Tango with the audience.

Partner / Instructor: Brett Alleman

Brett Alleman was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. He currently is an EMT Firefighter and works driving an ambulance for the town of Glendale as well as being the resident firefighter for Shady Cove Fire District 4. He first began dancing in 2005 and has been involved with, and used dance in every part of his life since he first started. He was trained by June Kranenburg the majority of his dance career and was inspired by his instructor to learn as many dances as he could. Brett specializes in Latin dancing but also has experience in eight other dances. Brett met his wife, Kristen, and introduced her to ballroom dancing, and the two have made being partners in dance an intricate part of being partners in life.

Brett has been involved with Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars since the first year and has immensely enjoyed being part of benefiting those in need! Brett loves teaching dance to everyone and meeting new people, he is always encouraging people to try dancing and see what it is that is so amazing about the freedom of dance.