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Star: Danielle Craig

Danielle Craig is an Emmy award-winning journalist. When she’s not anchoring in the early morning hours, she’s hanging out with her sweet boys and husband. Danielle married her high school sweetheart eight years after they met. They have two boys—a preschooler and a toddler. It’s crazy and busy, and usually involves 19-hour days, but Danielle loves being a mom and wife!

Danielle chose journalism at a young age, writing her first ‘news’ story about a coloring book page when she was in 3rd grade. Her career has taken her to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Southern Oregon.

Danielle says Sparrow Clubs has shaped who she is. She started covering Sparrow Clubs stories in 2012 with the “Taking Flight” segment on Newswatch 12. She says that while it’s been challenging to watch young children fighting for their lives and for normalcy, it’s been more inspiring to see healthy children rally around their Sparrow.

Danielle loves dancing! She used to dance competitively in high school. That came with opportunities like dancing in the Houston Rockets’ pre-show. But she’s quickly learning that jazz and hip-hop are very different than ballroom!

Partner / Instructor: Joseph Kuhl

Joseph Kuhl was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. He has one older sister and two younger brothers. He is seventeen and enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, horseback riding, and of course… DANCING! However, he never thought that he would be performing for Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars. He was first dragged down to a dance party at the Evergreen Ballroom by his sister, Colette, on New Years Eve of 2013 and has been dancing both socially and competitively ever since.

Joseph is still in high school and already steering towards his career as a firefighter by going on “ride-alongs” with local fire departments and starting college courses. He is currently involved in the Mercy Flights Explorer program.

Joseph is very excited to be dancing the Waltz with Danielle Craig. He would like to thank everyone who has helped him prepare for this event. He is also glad to be a part of making a difference in children’s lives by dancing in DWTRVS.