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Star: Anne Campolongo

Anne Campolongo moved out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest about a year and a half ago. Her home is back in the Midwest, Cincinnati to be exact. She had lived there her entire life, but has done her fair share of traveling across the US and Europe. Only a few days after graduating from Ohio University, (not to be confused with Ohio Stateā€¦), she packed up her life and moved out to Southern Oregon and has been happily enjoying all life has to offer out here ever since.

When Anne is not at work in front of the green screen every morning, you can find her out hiking the trails or sipping on a latte, or maybe even taking a quick power nap, because hey, that early morning wake-up call is hard!

Anne was involved in community service in high school, especially with Relay for Life and Ronald McDonald House. She is honored to be selected to dance this year. Anne is excited to give back in this fun and unique way in an event that the Rogue Valley holds close to its heart.

Partner / Instructor: Peter Kuhl

Peter Kuhl is 18 years old and has lived in the Rogue Valley his entire life. He lives in the country with his parents, older sister, twin brother, younger brother, his dog, Bentley, and his miniature rabbit, Bunnykins. Peter enjoys riding horses, dancing, going to church, and hanging out with friends. He volunteers with Christian Youth in Action, Hope Ranch, and is a worship leader at his church. One of his passions is singing and playing songs on his guitar that he has written. He is currently pursuing an associate degree in Christian Counseling while attending Pacific Bible College.

Peter was a partner in DWTRVS two years ago, and is super excited to dance again this year. He has competed in several youth competitions (earning first place in one), performed in many group and solo dances, and taught ballroom dance for over two years at North Medford High School as a youth member of USA Dance. He loves to dance and is very glad he has the opportunity to raise support for Sparrow Clubs doing something that he loves! Peter would like to thank Anne Campolongo of KDRV for braving the Bolero in this year’s show.