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Star: Aly Whitney-Plaut

Aly Whitney-Plaut is the owner of Hazel Eye Photography and is one of the photographers for Sparrow Clubs in Southern Oregon. Several friends have children who have been Sparrows. Having worked in the past with these Sparrows and other adults and children with special needs made it both an easy choice and a joy to participate this year.

Seven years ago, Aly returned to photography after not having formally picked up a camera since the days of dark rooms in college. She has found it moving and meaningful to document people in all seasons of their lives. The journey has led to both national and international publications, such as the Today show, The Chive and recent work for human-interest photography for Hearst Magazine and Cosmopolitan. In 2017, Aly was nominated as one of the top new wedding vendors for the state of Oregon and one of the best wedding photography studios. In 2018 she has been voted one of the top three wedding photographers in the state
of Oregon for Oregon Bride Magazine.

Aly resides in Grants Pass with a large blended family. She and her husband have five children together, ages seven, 14, 14, 16 and 22. It has been a wild ride and a lot of work, but they wouldn’t have it any other way! Aly is so happy to have someone like her husband who has believed in her dream every step of the way and is such a big supporter.

Partner: Anton Drummond

Anton is honored to be invited to be a part of such an important fundraising event for Sparrow Clubs. His interest in ballroom dancing began at age ten when he met Tina Ferris. He took lessons with Tina in Rogue River and with a group of homeschool students in Cori Grimm’s classes at the Evergreen Ballroom. His latest dance adventure has been learning contemporary with Sydney Smedley.

At a young age, Anton showed a natural ability for music, dance and singing. After graduating from high school, he has been studying photography while working part-time in his dad’s engine building business. In his spare time he enjoys archery, drawing, piano, photography and, of course, dancing.

Anton would like to thank his parents for being so supportive of all his interests. He knows you will enjoy the evening and would like to thank you for contributing to such an amazing cause.