In partnership with Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs, NewsWatch 12 and Banner Bank proudly bring you DWTRVS 2020: A Look Back!

Join us on Saturday, November 14th, as we look back and revisit the DWTRVS Judges’ Choice Champions from each year, all the way back to 2009! Relive the sparkle, the sizzle, the moves, and the fun of the past 11 years of this incredible show.

You’ll see just now much this show has evolved from its humble beginnings and most importantly, you will learn how much money the annual event has raised for Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs, an organization that continues to help inspire and empower students to put compassion and service to use to help local children in medical need.

COVID-19 has shut down a lot of things, but it can never shut down compassion!

More details will be posted soon, along with photos and bios of our returning cast of Stars and Partners. Check back often!

Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs is the primary beneficiary of this fundraising event, with proceeds supporting the work of empowering kids to help other kids in medical need. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be used to promote the art of ballroom dance throughout Southern Oregon communities.